Monday, December 20, 2010

Into the Blue - Planet Uranus!

Guess who dropped in to visit Panjim on December 19th, Sunday? If you were there at the Public Astronomical Observatory in Panjim from 7 to 9 pm that day, you would have been witness to a unique public observation programme of Planet Uranus. Yes, Planet Uranus - The very Blue Planet, the 7th in our Solar System.

The sky cleared itself, some 40-odd people came in early and the air was hot, all in the prospect of getting a peek of Uranus. This was facilitated by the Celestron C-14 Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope, the observatory's newest and famous member. Close to a 100 people attended the observation cum film screening, a number not quite expected (we never ever mind the huge publicity, though) but they say, the word of mouth is the fastest. And so it was.

The sky was so clear that the people got a rare glimpse of the elusive rings of the planet, along with its round blue body. Then 8 inch and 5 inch Reflecting Telescopes were pointed towards Jupiter and Moon, somewhat regular these winter days. After a brief presentation on Uranus by member Raj Kunkolienkar, there was also a film screening done. The program concluded at 9 pm.

Another activity of the AFA Observer's club was complete. Perhaps the upcoming Quadrantids will be a treat. The Americans will be treated to a shadow play by the moon. Well, they say Sky Is The Limit!


  1. or may be we can go beyond the sky...ek din :D

  2. C14 me hai vishwaas! Pura hai vishwaas!! Hum honge tarronke sath har din :D


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