Monday, October 25, 2010

About Us

In the year 1982 due to the zeal and perseverance of a Panaji resident and retired govt. officer Mr Percival Noronha, the Association of Friends of Astronomy (AFA) was founded by a group of astronomy enthusiasts in Panaji (Goa).
Is this what  Gallileo saw
Basically dedicated to the appreciation and popularization of Amateur Astronomy the association was successful in founding The Public Astronomical observatory at Panaji (PAO)…The first public observatory in India to be funded by the government and run voluntarily by an NGO…
The Association of Friends of Astronomy.
In the initial years of formation the Members of AFA concentrated on stabilizing the organization by acquiring telescopes, instruments and infrastructure for the observatory; a modest beginning was also made in starting a library by getting astronomy and science books and subscribing for different magazines. Different activities like school programmes, lectures, study tours, exhibitions, workshops, star parties, competitions,quizzes, photography outings were started and are still being sustained by the present members.

A glimpse of the regular activities
Observations through Celestron 14" telescope
Public Exhibitions
Public Observations - Footpath & Beach Astronomy
Study Tours & Observation Expeditions

Lectures & Talks on Scientific Issues
Star Parties & Astrophotography

And that's just the tip of the iceberg, we as members of the organisation involve ourselves into
diverse activities and share the knowledge with our friends making us one of the most happening and 'as busy as a beehive' organisation.

The Panaji observatory is situated atop the Junta House on the famed 18th June Road. We are open from 14th November to the 31st of May. Pay us a visit between 7-9 pm and open up yourself to the world of stars!

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