Sunday, November 21, 2010

Beyond the Horizon

A Report on Thursday's Quiz by Atharv Joshi.

AFA Thinkin' Caps started off its log book with a quiz conducted by member Atharv.

Titled "Horizon - The Beyond Quiz", the quiz was on weird and random topics ranging from esoteric connects to puzzling language to obvious answers to straightforward guesswork, in all, the quiz was made to be a bheja fry affair. The whole quiz got over in 30 minutes after a pretty late start, so the victor of the quiz remains undecided.

The next quiz - a part of AFA Thinkin' Caps will be held by our member Pratham Y. on Thursday, with the topic being aviation.

Atharv's Quiz, "Horizon" can be found below. The same post can be found in our "Quizzed" section as well!

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